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360 degree benchmarking - Start broad. get granular.

Benchmarking Pro: One Solution,
Thousands of Perspectives

Integrate your insights with the ultimate benchmarking solution. Segment Benchmarking and Company Benchmarking combine to show you how companies stack up in their industry, within their segment and against their peers - all in one view.

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360 Degree Benchmarking

Your benchmarking in full view. Seamlessly compare a company’s performance, from their industry to employee segment and across more than 5,000 company profiles.

Benchmarking Pro delivers crucial data to support your strategic outcomes and lead to smarter, faster decisions.

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    Access a complete solution, including all US industries segmented by employee size – plus 5,000 company profiles
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    Use key metrics for benchmarking performance and productivity within operator-size segments
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    Understand why an industry operator has market share using our in-depth company profiles

Zoom in or out on industries and companies

Quickly understand performance by industry segment or investigate individual companies – all in one place.

Get focused views of performance benchmarking and productivity benchmarking to see how your segment measures up to others in your industry.

Gain competitive insights with like-for-like comparisons of similar companies, including major players and other notable operators.

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Access thousands of perspectives with one click

Our Benchmarking Pro solution is an integrated experience that puts the information you need at your fingertips.

Designed to save on valuable research time, Benchmarking Pro delivers thousands of benchmarks and data points at all levels. Drill down into segment comparisons, industry conditions and company insights without having to search high and low.

Explore Benchmarking Pro with one of our experts to find the right product mix for your company.

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