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Global Leadership

Karen Dobie - Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Karen Dobie

Jason Baker - Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Baker

Gavin Smith - Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

Gavin Smith

Carmen McKinney - Global Head of Customer Success

Chief Customer Officer

Carmen McKinney

Jordan Ho - Chief Operating Officer (North America)

Chief Operating Officer

Jordan Ho

Damian Mills - Global Head of Client Services

Global Head of Client Services

Damian Mills

Tara Faulks - Global SVP Enterprise Sales

Global SVP Enterprise Sales

Tara Faulks

Jody Willis - Global SVP Finance

Global SVP Finance

Jody Willis

Kate Convey - Global SVP IT Operations

Global SVP IT Operations

Kate Convey

Andy Brennan - Global Head of Technology & Data

Global Head of Technology & Data

Andy Brennan

Jocelyn Phillips - Global Head of Product Development

Global Head of Product Development

Jocelyn Phillips

Janie Wood - Global VP Human Resources

Global VP Human Resources

Janie Wood

Kevin Culbert - Global Head of Research

Global Head of Research

Kevin Culbert

Naren Sivasailam - Global Head of Content

Global Head of Content

Naren Sivasailam

North America

Kevin Ryan - Head of Revenue

Head of Revenue

Kevin Ryan

Robert Scaglione - Vice President

Vice President

Robert Scaglione

Matt Murphy - Vice President

Vice President

Matt Murphy

Raina Losada - Vice President

Vice President

Raina Losada


Stuart Baillie - Managing Director

Managing Director

Stuart Baillie


Julia Saladino - General Manager

General Manager

Julia Saladino

Board of Directors

Justin Ruthven - Chairman


Justin Ruthven

Justin’s career began at Coles Myer head office across Research and Systems roles. Following that, Justin joined Ƶapp in 1988, holding positions in most aspects of the Ƶapp business, including Research, Sales, Client Services, Retail and Product Development.

In 2001, Justin was promoted to CEO of Ƶapp as well as being appointed to the Board of Directors. With that, he embarked on an expansion program that included establishing Ƶapp in the United States, including moving there with his family in 2006. By launching additional products and setting-up new companies under the Ƶapp banner, Justin oversaw double-digit growth for 15-years to cement Ƶapp’s position as the market leader in industry information. Today, Ƶapp and its subsidiaries is now one of the world’s largest online business information companies.

Justin is Ƶapp’s longest-serving CEO so following a decade-and-a-half in the role, Justin moved into the Executive Chairman position; remaining actively involved with group operations across the Ƶapp companies. With a lot less global travel, he happily resides in Australia with his wife and adult children.

Bernadette Walker - Director & Financial Controller

Director & Financial Controller

Bernadette Walker

Bernadette joined Ƶapp in 1989 and has held numerous specialised and management positions within the Finance department.

Partnering closely with the Chief Financial Officer and the Corporate Finance team, Bernadette manages a broad range of internal stakeholders; primarily supporting both the global executive team and the Board of Directors. As Financial Controller, Bernadette draws from her extensive experience with high-level financial reporting, global budget consolidation and cash flow management across the international network of Ƶapp offices and Ruthven-related companies.

In 2016, she was appointed to the Board of Directors. Bernadette is a graduate of RMIT University in Melbourne, with a Bachelor of Business degree in Accountancy.

Kerryn Ruthven - Director


Kerryn Ruthven

Kerryn joined Ƶapp in a Sales role in December 2000. He has held numerous leadership positions in the company, including a 5-year stint in the United States as Vice President and Senior Vice President of Sales from 2005-2010.

From 2011-2013, he had a Global Corporate Development role across both Sales and Client Services. With Ƶapp’s international expansion program and with Kerryn’s experience in large-scale Sales operations, he moved into the role of Global Head of Sales from 2013 to 2017.

As of early 2017, his focus is less operational; serving as a Director of Ƶapp and related companies.

Karen Dobie - Director & Chief Executive Officer

Director & Chief Executive Officer

Karen Dobie

Karen joined Ƶapp’s Melbourne office in 2003 in a Client Services position. Over the following two-years, she took on further responsibilities, supporting Ƶapp’s US expansion program.

From 2005, Karen was promoted to various senior management roles including a stint as Production Manager then General Manager of Ƶapp Australia. As Ƶapp continued branching into other countries, Karen’s leadership experience led to more international roles. From 2009-2016, her responsibilities included roles as Global Head of IT, Global Head of HR and Global Head of Client Services.

Following those positions, Karen spent 12-months as Chief Operating Officer from mid-2016-mid 2017 and was then promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer. In 2017, Karen was also appointed to the Board of Directors of Ƶapp.

Jason Baker - Director & Chief Financial Officer

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Jason Baker

Jason joined Ƶapp in 1992 as a Company Research Analyst. He was soon appointed to management roles overseeing various aspects of Production and other management responsibilities.

From 2004 to 2007 he was the General Manager of the Australian operation. Jason was then posted to the United States to become the Chief Operating Officer of that business from 2007-2011; where he was instrumental with the success of the US operations. Returning to Australia in 2011, Jason became the Chief Information Officer across the Ƶapp global group. Then in 2014, Jason was again posted to the United States, now promoted as the Chief Executive Officer of Ƶapp; he was there a further two-years, finishing the remaining year of that role back in Melbourne.

Jason now serves as Group Chief Financial Officer of Ƶapp and Ruthven-related companies as well as his appointment to the Board of Directors of Ƶapp in 2017.

Daniel Ruthven - Director


Daniel Ruthven

Daniel joined Ƶapp Australia in 2011 as a Client Relationship Manager. He then moved to the United Kingdom in 2012 to take on the role of Operations Manager, where he worked closely with the team to expand Ƶapp’s business in Europe. In 2014, he returned to Australia as the General Manager in Ƶapp’s Melbourne office. The following year, Daniel moved to New York to begin his role as Chief Operating Officer, heading up Ƶapp’s US business. Over his three years in the role, he was integral in expanding operations alongside the management team.

He has since returned to Australia to provide leadership and guidance at other family-related companies. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of Ƶapp in 2022.