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If you are looking to pursue new business and you find yourself having to get smart on a brand or category quickly,
Ƶapp is one of the key resources you should turn to.

Julie Nayerman,
Director of Business Development/New Business Strategy
Horizon Media

IBISWorld Client Success Stories - Horizon Media
IBISWorld Client Success Stories - Horizon Media

Horizon Media is a full-service media agency that works with companies across various traditional and emerging markets to provide brand strategy, communications planning and activation. Its services include consumer and channel insights, creative media services, campaign measurement, analytics, competitive research, marketing and more.

With $8.7 billion in client investments, industry research plays a huge role in helping Horizon provide the best possible service to its clients. Julia Nayerman, the Director of Business Development/New Business Strategy at Horizon, works closely with a team of business strategists to facilitate prospect lead generation and outreach.


What challenges do marketers face

In her role, Julia oversees the coordination of new business pitches and works diligently to ensure that when it comes time to present their latest pitch, she and her team are completely up to speed on not only the brand they’re pitching but also the larger industry in which it operates. With a diverse array of clients, each of which requires varied marketing needs, Julia and her team need to be able to become immersed in the client’s industry quickly in order to build brands and drive sales.


Niche client industries

Julia and her team recently pitched a company involved in specialty retail services, which was an area that no one on the new business team had much experience with. This can pose a problem when trying to come up with pitch strategies and marketing plans for clients, especially when working with multiple clients at once. Additionally, clients trust that when they come to Horizon, they will be working with teams that understand their specific needs and can provide tailored, strategic approaches to address them and drive growth.


Get up to speed quickly

When it comes to marketing and advertising, Julia knows that to gain an advantage over the competition, she and her team need to be able to work quickly and efficiently to provide clients with a reliable business plan to build their brand and drive sales. As a result, when Julia and her team hit a slight roadblock while constructing their pitch for the specialty retail services company, they used Ƶapp’s expansive collection of industry research reports to help everyone quickly get up to speed on the industry so that they could start crafting a well-informed, in-depth and consumer-focused pitch.


Products used by Horizon Media


Results of Using Ƶapp

Increase in Productivity - Horizon Media loves the convenience of having so much of the industry information all in one place to save spending too much time browsing the internet in search of realiable information.

Tactical Client Approach - By better understanding their clients and the industries in which they operate, marketers and strategists are able to develop a custom-made, tactical approach that truly addresses the needs of each individual client.


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