What to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

This past weekend I flew to Dubrovnik, Croatia for four days. Usually I make itineraries to follow during trips, however in Dubrovnik I found it was easier to have a more flexible schedule in order to relax and enjoy the weather! Therefore this post isn’t going to be a strict itinerary, but rather a list of things I would recommend you do while visiting this small and beautiful town!

FIRST… Go kayaking! My boyfriend and I walked out Pile Gate and found kayak rental companies located on the beach right below, it cost around $40 USD for a two-person kayak for three hours. Dubrovnik is expensive, way more so than I was expecting. If you’re looking for a budget way to explore the coast and beautiful Croatian waters this is the way to go. I would recommend going around Lokrum Island (left from Dubrovnik) and stopping at the backside of the island for some swimming and cliff jumping! You’ll need the full three hours to go around the whole island.

SECOND… Go on a boat tour! This can get costly in Dubrovnik, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to find a speedboat rental with a skipper for 60 Euros each. It was a 5-hour tour through the main three nearby caves (including the Blue Cave) as well as a stop at the beautiful Lopud island which had a private beach. It also included free flow drinks, a sandwich and snorkeling gear! We booked our boat tour once we got to Dubrovnik for one of the many tour booths, however I saw some options on AirBnB’s experiences as well.

THIRD… Take the cable car and enjoy the view from Panorama Restaurant. We didn’t have a chance to do this since we didn’t make a reservation at the restaurant early enough, but if we could repeat this trip we would definitely have included this.

FOURTH… Watch the sunset from the rocks next to Buza Bar! We originally planned to watch the sunset from Buza Bar, however upon arriving there it was already extremely crowded and claustrophobic. So we opted to buy a bottle of wine from the supermarket and climb the rocks to the right of Buza Bar to enjoy the sunset. Many other people did this as well and not only was it absolutely beautiful but it allowed us to watch the entire sunset whereas the view from Buda Bar would have been obstructed 45-minutes into the sunset.

FIFTH… Walk along the walls and see the Fort Lovrijenac. You’ll get a great view of Dubrovnik and also get to see some Game of Thrones filming spots! Pro tip – go early in the morning or you’ll be stuck with the cruise boat tourists. Otherwise go an hour or two before sunset so you can watch it from there, if you try to enter too close to sunset there will already be a line up the wall!

SIXTH… Take a Game of Thrones tour, or if you’re trying to save money do what my boyfriend and I did and hunt our the filming spots yourself, it’s not too hard. I found tons of resources on Google sharing where the spots were!

SEVENTH… Take a day trip!!! I wish we had more time in Dubrovnik to do this. The location of Dubrovnik is ideal for day trips, whether to Kotor/Budva in Montenegro, Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina (I have been there and it’s gorgeous, definitely recommend), or Split in Croatia (also recommend!). The Kravice waterfalls are also a sight to see if you have the chance!

EIGHTH… Get candy from Captain Candy. You won’t regret it, it’s amazing.

Overall I had the most amazing weekend in Dubrovnik, it really isn’t the most affordable spot though so if you can plan better around your budget I would recommend basing yourself elsewhere and perhaps making a day trip to Dubrovnik, especially since the town is so small and tourist-infested. Nonetheless I had the best time and my love for Croatia has only grown! I hope to be back again 🙂



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