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The Path of the Gods hike in the Amalfi Coast of Italy is stunning, but a little hard to find. Therefore I decided to write a step-by-step guide on how to reach and complete this hike (with Positano and Amalfi as your starting points).


Step 1: Buy an all day bus ticket (10 Euros) from the tabacchi store next to Collina’s Bakery.

Step 2: Go to the nearest SITA bus stop (for example, head to Le Sirenuse hotel and keep walking past it to the top of the hill where there is a stop). Board the bus that goes to AMALFI.

Step 3: Explore Amalfi for a second, then take the bus going towards BOMERANO. If you can’t find this bus just ask any bus drivers or locals who will point it out to you, it is on the left side of the bus terminal area.

Step 4: Get off the bus at the Piazza Capasso stop (we just asked the driver to let us know which stop to get off for the hike, and sat in the front of the bus). You will see an alley across the bus stop, if you walk down it you will find yourself in the main square. Now simply head towards the Hotel Gentile. Walk towards it and turn left down the street with the “Path of the Gods” hike sign.

Step 5: Now off you go! Follow the hiking signs and walk towards Nocelle. Make sure the ocean is always on your left to know you are going the right way, the trail can loop around and go back to Bomerano, so you need to go straight and avoid going on the loop (which we accidentally did).

Step 6: Arrive to Nocelle village, follow the signs pointing to the bus. This bus will take you down to Positano for around 5 euros (pay in cash on the bus). OR if you have the time you can walk to Positano from Nocelle, which takes one hour.


Step 1: Take the bus to Bomerano. Make sure you buy an all-day bus pass for 10 euros from a tabacchi shop.

Step 2: Follow steps 4, 5 and 6 from above.

Step 3: When you arrive in Positano, take a moment to explore town! Then find a SITA bus stop. Wait for the next bus headed towards Amalfi, take that and you’re done!

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