DETAILED GUIDE to Positano, Italy

Positano is hands down one of the most BEAUTIFUL places I have ever laid eyes on! However getting to this destination requires a bit of work… Luckily this blog post will cover EVERYTHING you need to know! From getting to Positano cheaply, to our beautiful accommodation and all the spots to eat at/check out. Although we tried our best to save money where we could, Positano was definitely the most expensive trip my boyfriend and I went on this semester. Everything there is costly so I would suggest saving this trip for when you have accumulated a reasonable budget so that you can enjoy more of the things Positano has to offer.


The hotels in Positano are beautiful, and so so so expensive. If you are looking for somewhere more affordable which still offers a balcony view, I would recommend our AirBnb. It cost $155 USD/night, was completely private despite being marketed as a room in a house (it has its own entry), and the hosts were incredible. They provided us with free breakfast snacks, homemade wine, beach towels, sunscreen, and even changed our towels and sheets half-way through our stay. The location was prime, and the balcony was the best place for our morning breakfasts’. You will very rarely find a room with a balcony at any hotel at this price! It is located on the top of the Fornillo side of Positano, and was a 15-minute walk down to the main Spaggia Grande.

Link to AirBnb:


First and foremost, you will need to fly into Italy. Aim to fly into Naples Airport, however if that is inconvenient it is also possible to fly into Rome (then take a train to Naples, switch to a train to Sorrento or a bus to Sorrento, then SITA bus to Positano).

If you are flying into Naples:

Step 1 – Take a chartered bus to Sorrento, we went with Curreri Viaggi. You can check their online bus schedule and find their buses in the parking lot outside the airport (follow the signs), you can buy a ticket online or pay in cash on the bus. It cost us 10 Euros, the cheapest option is to take the Circumvesuviana local train from Naples Train Station to Sorrento, however this train is known for being unsafe with tourist-targeted pick pocketing. I recommend paying more and taking a chartered bus service, it is direct, safe, and much easier to maneuver.

Step 2 – The bus will drop you off at the Sorrento train station, you can then buy a SITA bus ticket to Positano (or any stop on the Amalfi Coast) inside the tabacchi store on the right side of the station. This ticket cost us 3.5 Euros. The bus ride was around 45-minutes long, it is very windy so if you are easily car sick prepare accordingly! Although there are tons of bad reviews about taking public transportation to Positano we found it to be quite easy. Obviously it wasn’t the most pleasant journey, but it cost a total of 13.5 Euros, which is a huge steal compared to the 200 Euro cost of taking a private car from Naples. The bus stopped at the main stop in Positano and we explored from there! If you are staying in an AirBnb or hotel that has told you a specific bus stop to get off at before the final Positano stop, make sure to check with the driver about where you are so you know when to go off.

LEAVING POSITANO… We wanted to spend 5 days in Positano and then head to Rome where we would fly out of. To do this we simply found the nearest SITA bus stop, made sure to stop at any tabacchi store in Positano to purchase a bus ticket the day before (there is a tabacchi next to Collina’s Bakery), and boarded a bus heading towards Sorrento. Once we arrived at Sorrento we had the option of taking the local Circumvesuviana train versus the Campania Express (more expensive, but safer and made for tourists). We decided to take the local train since the Campania Express time schedule was too limiting, it cost 3.9 Euros for the local train. The train is pretty… sketchy… old… BUT, as long as you watch your belongings and take it at a reasonable time (we went at 1pm) then it’s fine. Once we arrived in Naples we went to a Trenitalia ticket booth and got tickets to Rome. This was more expensive, the train cost 27 Euros, but was quick and very nice!



DAY 1 – Thursday

NOTE: All restaurants in Positano that you go to for dinner you should try to make a reservation for, and ask them for the seats with a nicer view!

  • Arrived and checked in to our AirBnb
  • Lunch at Casa E Bottega (trendy, healthy cafe, great for breakfast or lunch). For lunches you can just walk-in without a reservation.
  • Walked to Spaggia Grande, hung out at the beach for 2 hours
  • Enjoyed the sunset and wine on our balcony
  • Dinner at Da Vincenzio (family run fresh italian food, amazing). Ask for the outdoor seats or seats by the inner cave wall when you make a reservation!

DAY 2 – Friday

  • Lazy morning and breakfast on our balcony
  • Lunch at Chez Black by the beach front, make sure to nicely request a heart-shaped pizza and they will make one for you!
  • Stop by Collina’s Bakery to try a lemon sorbet or some pastries
  • We went to Fornillo Beach, you can walk there from the main beach on the path on the very right. This beach is less crowded and much more enjoyable if you want to relax and tan. You can rent a beach chair, but we opted to just lie on our towels which is free 😀
  • Dinner at Il Capitano, which has a beautiful view! We found this restaurant near our AirBnb and asked for a reservation with a seat facing the view. We got the best views!

DAY 3 – Saturday

  • We stopped by the tabacchi shop next to Collina’s Bakery and got an all day bus ticket for 10 Euros. We then took a bus heading towards Amalfi, and explored the town for a bit.
  • Then we went off for the Path of the Gods hike. THIS HIKE IS BEAUTIFUL. I cannot recommend it enough! I have attached my detailed guide on how to get to this hike at the bottom of this post. It’s so easy especially with a full guide like mine, and the views are stunning.
  • After our hike we ended up back in Positano for dinner at Caffe Positano. Ask for a seat by the view in their lower deck (not right by the street where you will hear all the cars passing by). This was one of the best views with great food, also this restaurant is right across from Da Vincenzio.

DAY 4 – Sunday

  • We went on a BOAT TOUR to Capri island! This cost 90 Euros each and included unlimited drinks, a tour of the grottos, a stop for some swimming, and 3 hours on Capri. We got our boat tickets the day before at a booth on the main beach, make sure to do this in advance to ensure you get a spot! The boat tour was enjoyable, but it honestly wasn’t SUPER impressive and the price was steep, the grottos were beautiful but a bit overrated and you will miss the Blue Grotto which always has a 2-hour wait as well as an entrance fee. Maybe just opt for a private boat tour if you want more swimming time, or just take the ferry (20 euros each way).
  • We arrived to Capri and walked 20-minutes uphill to the main square (type in Prada on Google Maps to find the square). After walking around we had lunch at Le Camerelle. This lunch spot is GORGEOUS and so yummy!
  • Finally we took the boat back to Positano and watched a football game at a bar, before getting takeout pizza from Collina’s Bakery to eat on our balcony.


Instagram Spots in Positano

How to do the Path of the Gods Hike



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