Day Trip to Tallin, Estonia

During my 3 day trip to Helsinki, Finland, my family and I decided to make a day trip to Tallin, Estonia via boat. I would definitely recommend this trip! Not only is Tallin a short boat ride away but the UNESCO area is gorgeous. Here is what we did during the day:

We left in the early morning on a cruise to Tallin! After arriving we waited around 5 minutes before the KGB prison museum opened then went to check it out. The museum was small but interesting, however I personally wouldn’t recommend this site, I think other larger museums around there are probably more worthwhile. 

After the KGB museum we headed towards town and stopped along the way at Kalev Maiasmokk Kohvik, the oldest coffee shop in Tallin. The interior decor was beautiful with a rustic, old Parisian coffee shop feel – and by the entrance to the cafe there was a ferris wheel holding teacups which was adorable. I got a cinnamon roll and would definitely recommend it. 

After having our breakfast we went just across the street from the coffee shop to Great Guild Hall Museum. This three-floor museum was a highlight of our day, and a great chance to learn more about the medieval history in Estonia. 

After this museum we went to the Kiek in de Kok and Bastion Passages Museum. I would highly recommend this museum, with a full ticket you can climb the tower to get a great view of the city and see medieval weapons. After that you can walk through the chilly and very interesting underground Bastion passages.

After sightseeing we stopped at Odle Hansa for lunch, which offered a traditional Estonian meals with highlights such as their Wild Boar plate, Cinnamon beer, and “vinyl aurim regis” – rot spiced wine. I wouldn’t typically eat these foods, so the restaurant was a great way to “culturally immerse” and experience some history and culture first-hand!

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