Best Workout Classes in Hong Kong

When it comes to fitness I rely on group fitness classes, it is the only way I have enough motivation to go work out. This summer I was back home in Hong Kong and tried out a ton of different classes, here were some of my favourite ones!

Hit45: This is probably my favourite gym in Hong Kong and definitely the one I went to the most this summer. Their classes are 45-minutes long and combine cardio with strength, you rotate between running on the treadmill to doing weights or bodyweight workouts on the floor with no breaks. By the end of each class I am always dying but it truly pushes me to work out the hardest I can! I also loved their classes because I never felt out of place, everyone is dying together and the trainers are so supportive and inclusive.

Location: Hong Kong, 香港島1/F號20 Stanley Street Central Abdoolally House 

Volume HK: I signed up for this gym’s classes through Classpass and it felt like one of the best deals the app offered. The classes are group-style training, but since the gym is smaller in Hong Kong classes are typically only 2-3 people. Ultimately you get personal training with the trainer giving guidance and advice to every person in the class, it feels very individual and I could not recommend the gym more. I only took classes led by Meimei Wong and she was such a great trainer and really helped me with my form. I don’t typically train in weights so having her guidance was so encouraging. My favourite classes were Abs, Butt Shaping and Body Shaping.

Location: Hong Kong, Central, Li Yuen St E, Li Dong Building, 17/F

H-Kore: This summer was my first time trying pilates and this studio by far was the best I tried in Hong Kong. Their Lagree Fitness reformers targeted muscles I didn’t even know I had and while their classes were tough for me I always felt so satisfied afterwards. I can definitely see now how consistently training in pilates can build your strength and core. I took their Mega-Kore classes however they offer a Mega-Kore beginner class as well as their more advanced Kettle-Kore classes. If you are new to fitness and working out I would say to start at the beginner level because it is hard to do easier variations on the reformers. The only downfall of this studio is the classes are quite expensive and even on Classpass it was double the credits as other classes I enjoyed taking.

Location: H-Kore Central – 3F, 39 Des Voeux Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong

Studiodanz HK: I have been going to Studiodanz since I was 15 years old and the studio only continues to get better. I have danced my entire life and trained in mostly jazz and ballet, but Studiodanz is my favourite place to go train in hip hop. My favourite class to take is Bobo’s Girls Hip Hop which includes a warm up, ab workout, dance routine and cool down. The Hong Kong dance community is so welcoming no matter what your experience in dance is, however I would recommend intermediate to advanced hip hop dancers to take Bobo’s class! Her classes are fun, flirty, and a nice mix of girly hip hop with jazz funk. Note Studiodanz is not on Classpass, but it is $100HKD to drop in and $90HKD if you hold a valid student ID.

Location: HONG KONG ISLAND – Eastern Centre, Unit 3, 13/F, 1065 King’s Rd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong



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